Breaking News: Oak Island Treasure At Last Discovered

Puzzle – Oak Island


As explained in my last blog about Oak Island, I said I would ultimately reveal just what the treasure is. But this would be too easy I hear you say! Moreover, after talking to the Imperator of the 39 Steps, she suggested that anyone wanting to know what the treasure is, could read my book. She then suggested instead that I might offer up a solution in a visual puzzle. I was intrigued and soon got to work with my team.

Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada says: The Quest To Regain Paradise: “…mankind’s quest to regain the lost knowledge of the ancients.”

So…with this framed puzzle in mind, I am sure that any worthy adept could find the treasure without barking up the wrong tree. Of course, many of you will instinctively realise, this is just the tip of the iceberg…

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