Breaking Discoveries: Jesus Taken To England In Quest To Regain Paradise


When the infamous William Blake gave up one of the most coveted secrets of the global secret societies – that Jesus had visited the British Isles as part of an ancient quest to regain Paradise – I am sure that he was unaware that it would form the basis for the hymn, ‘Jerusalem’. So, ‘did those feet in ancient times walk upon England’s mountains green’? Well, according to the secret legend, when his uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, brought Jesus to the wise Druids of Albion in his so called ‘missing years’, they not only told him just what the quest to regain Paradise was, but how it was to be completed… The fight would not be a religious fight amongst men on earth, but between the forces of heaven and a group of prophesised mortals.

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Breaking Stories: Oak Island Treasure Finally Revealed

For centuries the mystery of Oak Island has haunted the minds of treasure seekers, American presidents and laypeople alike. Ironically, no one has ever been able to work out just what the mystery is, let alone what the treasure is. Its association with Knights Templar secrets or treasures – and of course the Holy Grail – has been long running, so I guess it is about time that someone explain just what it is.

Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada says: The Quest To Regain Paradise: “…mankind’s quest to regain the lost knowledge of the ancients.”


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To reveal for the first time the true nature of the secret, we first need to turn to another unresolved mystery that is linked to Oak Island and the search for the Holy Grail – that of the Shugborough Monument Code.  In short, there is a stone monument in the grounds at Shugborough Hall, England, that reputedly holds a code that will reveal the location of the Holy Grail. This code has notoriously eluded professional code-breakers, including a team from the legendary Bletchley Park. The stone monument contains a scene where a group of shepherds are pointing to a short Latin inscription that is contained on a mysterious tomb, as follows: ‘ET IN ARCADIA EGO’.


Translated from the Latin, this strange inscription, ‘ET IN ARCADIA EGO, reads: ‘AND I IN ARCADIA’. Of course, anyone with knowledge of the Oak Island mystery will know that the explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano applied the name ‘Arcadia’, on his 16th century map, to the area that encompasses Oak Island.

There is also one more essential connection between the Oak Island mystery and the Shugborough Monument Code that needs to be brought to light in order to reveal the extent of the secret; a connection that lies with the enigmatic, English figure famed for his secret codes and cyphers, Sir Francis Bacon, the once Grand Master of the Rosicrucian Order. Bacon played a leading role in establishing the British colonies in  north-eastern Canada, encompassing Oak Island; and the theory goes that he had something to do with the unknown treasure thought to be hidden on Oak Island. His connection with the Shugborough Monument Code, I will explain below.

Since my last book, ‘The Quest To Regained Paradise’, I have been allowed a certain freedom of access to the inner teachings and rituals of an old strand of Rosicrucians that exist as nine chapters across the globe, who meet biannually in York under the guise of The Thirty Nine Steps; its headquarters just to the south of Edinburgh. When I first made contact with one of its members, they showed me how to crack the Shugborough Monument Code and make, for the first time, the missing connection between Shugborough, Bacon, Arcadia and Oak Island. The following account of the background to the Shugborough Code and how to crack it can be found in the documents held by The Thirty Nine Steps at their headquarters, as follows:

On his death bed in 1748, William Kent, the illustrious Yorkshire man, exquisite master of the Craft and keeper of the secrets of Solomon’s House, College of the Six Days’ Works, left Thomas Anson to ensure that Peter Scheemakers kept to the exact design of the Shepherd Monument at Shugborough. The instructions alongside Kent’s drawing were as follows: On the monument the Shepherds hands should be carved to highlight the letters of Bacon’s name to preserve the important connections to Newfoundland, where the two artefacts required to complete the quest to regain Paradise would be hidden for the prophetic conclusion in AD 2045. The carving should be such that, one of the shepherd’s thumbs be used to form the letter ‘B’, the tip of one finger to rest on the letter ‘N’ and another above the letter ‘C’. The letter ‘A’ should be framed between the hands to illustrate the deeper Arcadian link, and the letter ‘O’ should rest next to the knuckles.

Of course the middle parts of the fingers are now somewhat degraded and bits missing, but it is quite obvious that the letters being highlighted on the Shugborough Monument are acting as an anagram for ‘Bacon’, the Rosicrucian Master.


Even though this is the first time the true nature of the Shugborough Monument Code has been released into the public domain, I think it is also important at this juncture to reveal the final essential connection of the mystery to the famous Rosslyn Grail Chapel, just south of Edinburgh. Due to my dealings with The Thirty Nine Steps, I have often been to the chapel as part of my investigations to solve the larger mystery surrounding the quest to regain Paradise. In short, the Rosslyn legend has it that Prince Henry Sinclair sailed to Oak Island, Arcadia, in 1398, to play a part in the preservation of the two artefacts – the treasure – surrounding the quest to regain Paradise. To commemorate this secret event the chapel authorities placed a carving on the back of a chair in the chapel, inscribed with the Sinclair coat of arms on a ship and the words ‘To Arcadia 1398’.


Of course, we have directly linked together and in effect resolved three of the greatest esoteric mysteries that have survived across the ages. All we have to do now is reveal what it all means, and more importantly explain what the treasure is…

To be continued…

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Breaking Stories: Drive For Scottish Independence Based On Ancient Prophesy


Very few understand the full extent of the chronicled prophesy surrounding the Scottish Race and its enigmatic Stone of Destiny; but there is no doubt that the recent return of what many believe is the real Stone of Destiny to Scottish soil, from the English, and the drive for independence, is linked to Scotland’s prophetic destiny. As an author and a descendant of the Scottish Duncan line, this issue has captured my imagination.

The ancient chronicles of Scotia Major (Ireland) and Scotia Minor (Scotland) explain that the Stone of Destiny was the very stone that the patriarch Jacob, from the Bible, used to open a gateway to the celestial realm, to Paradise itself. In the Bible it describes this gateway as a ladder, which is generally referred to as Jacob’s Ladder, which most will have heard of. This is why the Stone of Destiny and Jacob’s ladder are depicted atop the Ark of the Covenant in the in the east side of the Grand Temple at the United Grand Lodge of All England.


As the prophesy goes, it explains that the sacred stone was ultimately taken to Scotland by Princess Scotia of Egypt and descendants of the Tribes of Israel who were kept captive in Egypt at the time. Hence, this is how Scotland gained its name, from Princess Scotia. Of course some of you may want to ponder at this point about the mysterious ancestry of the Scottish race.

Associated with the Stone of Destiny was a prophesy, which was inscribed on a metal plate and placed upon the top face of the Stone. It has since been taken from the stone, but upon the plate the prophesy read:

Unless the fates be faulty grown
And prophet’s voice be vain
Where ever is found this sacred stone
The Scottish race shall reign.

What this basically means is that; now the Stone of Destiny resides in Scotland, it is the Scottish race that will reign over the land – become independent as it were. It will certainly be intriguing to see just where all this goes. But one thing is for sure; the mystery surrounding the Stone of Destiny is just the tip of the iceberg…

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World Changing Events: Untouchable Syndicate Takes Holy Grail Relics to Fulfil Prophesy



In the year 1794 a strange shaped paper cross, cut from an obscure Scottish newspaper, was deposited in the attic space of Shugborough Hall; the English hall famed for its ownership of a monument containing a clue to the location of the Holy Grail.

The paper cutting held a note referring to the leader of a cult intent on taking possession of the Grail to fulfil a secret Grand Prophesy – The Cult of the Supreme Being – led by one of the best known and influential figures of the French Revolution, Maximilien Robespierre. But more importantly, the cutting was shaped to illustrate just what the Grail was and where it was. This secret in the paper lay dormant for over 200 years; and soon after its calculated discovery and release into the public domain, the Grail was promptly located and stolen.

As explained in ‘The Quest To Regain Paradise’, the Grail was in fact any object that had, according to legend, been fashioned from the paradisiacal Tree of Life; most notably the cup of the last supper and the so-called True Cross. Of course, in the medieval Arthurian Grail romances, the secret nature of the Grail as the Tree of Life is described by Wolfram, in the original Grail story, as follows: “… she bore the pride of Paradise, root and branch beyond all price, the thing men call the Grail”.

Over the last millennium the romantic essence of a ‘cup of everlasting life’ was favoured by story tellers and later film makers, and the True Cross aspect of the legend was seemingly lost to time. Of course, it was not forgotten by both legitimate and clandestine parties with an interest in the Grand Prophesy surrounding the quest to regain Paradise – a prophesy dictating that the chosen adepts would need immortality from the Tree of Life to pass through the gateway to fight for Paradise.


True Cross Relic (Holy Cross)

At 17:00 BST on Tuesday, October 11, 2011, three men employed by a syndicate associated with the arcane quest to regain humankind’s lost, biblical Paradise entered Holy Cross Abbey, in Co. Tipperary, and stole one of its sacred relics, a piece of the True Cross. Unaware of the existence of the syndicate and the importance of the relic to this quest, the BBC and The Irish Times reported that investigating police were simply baffled by the theft.

joined crosses

Soon after realising that they had in fact not taken possession of the true Grail, but a clever decoy placed there by the arcane guardians of the quest, the syndicate had to pursue other avenues, if one of their candidates was to fulfil the Grand Prophesy.

On July 14, 2014, just 80 miles south of Shugborough Hall, another object purported to be crafted from the Tree of Life was stolen, the Nanteos cup, the cup of the last supper. Of course this was in fact another decoy, left by the guardians of the quest.

The location of the true Grail is no mystery. It resides in the temple gateway in York, where it was placed by King Edward I, for a time when the prophesised adepts would be required to use it, to complete the quest to regain Paradise.

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Commonwealth Games: Scot/Egyptian Mystery Reloaded


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Did you know that Princess Scotia of Egypt brought an object to Britain that could be used to open a gateway to Paradise.

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Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada says: The Quest To Regain Paradise: “…mankind’s quest to regain the lost knowledge of the ancients.”





Commonwealth Games: Scot/Egyptian Mystery



Did you know: In 1249 Alexander III was crowned at Scone, Scotland. And it is recorded that on the crown touching his head a veteran, kilted Highlander recited the new King’s royal decendancy through fifty-six generations back to Scota, daughter of Pharaoh, King of Egypt.” (Source: Dr. Gordon, Ecclesiastic Chronicle for Scotland).

The extent of this mystery and how it fits into the secret quest of humanity can be found in the ultimate, revelatory book, The Quest To Regain Paradise.

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Nova Scotia – New Scotland






Holy Grail Discovered… In Yorkshire


Convinced that his arcane version of the Grand Prophesy surrounding the quest to regain Paradise was true, King Edward I commissioned the building of the temple-gateway to hold the Grail and the other sacred relics required for completing the quest. But our mission at this point was not to try and understand the sublime nature of the gateway or decode the prophesy, but to simply discover the exact location of the object that had been coveted across the ages; both root and branch – the thing men call the Grail. This immortalising object was rendered into the human psyche since the very beginning, and it had haunted the minds of kings, philosophers, knights and laymen alike, yet its movement could be traced across continents and cultures to its final resting place, Eborakon, ‘the place of the Tree of Life’.

Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada says: The Quest To Regain Paradise: “…mankind’s quest to regain the lost knowledge of the ancients.”

On entering the temple-gateway that once housed the York Rite Masonic Grand Lodge and a  most ancient order of Rosicrucians, any adept of the quest would soon discover the writing on the wall: Ut Rosa Flos Florum, sic est Domus Ista Domorum, ‘As The Rose Is The Flower Of Flowers, So Is This The House Of Houses’. They would also see the secret Grail signature that adorns its archway entrance, while passing down the corridor paved with a procession of Green Men.

Canon Keith Madeley MBE – Chairman of the Yorkshire Society says: The Quest To Regain Paradise: “What a read…”

For those with the esoteric knowledge of the quest, hidden in plain sight, they would instantly see the Grail, protected by its Griffin guardians as depicted in texts going back to the cradle of civilisation. And the answer, of course, could only lie with the Rosicrucian mantra, ‘to follow the White Rabbit’; follow each swirling branch to the root and he will be found, the White Rabbit, showing the resting place of the Grail…

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The Secret of the Rose



So, on our journey to discover the resting place of the Grail, the sacred Tree of Life that was stolen from the Welsh by King Edward I, we had to crack the Shugborough Holy Grail Monument code, which led us to Westminster Abbey and the 17th century Rosicrucian Grand Master, Francis Bacon. All we had to do now was discover the clue left by the Rosicrucian Order as to its final resting place.

Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada says: The Quest To Regain Paradise: “…mankind’s quest to regain the lost knowledge of the ancients.”

We knew from our previous research that to stay true to the prophesy, in 1298, Edward hid the Tree of Life in a secret temple-gateway for the final adepts to rediscover and use to gain immortality in the quest to regain Paradise. So we were looking for a Rosicrucian or Rose Cross clue that would reveal the final resting place of the Grail.

Canon Keith Madeley MBE – Chairman of the Yorkshire Society says: The Quest To Regain Paradise: “What a read…”

After a long visit to the ancient, Harry Potter style library in the heart of Westminster Abbey, we were directed by the seasoned librarian to the Abbey’s mysterious Chapter House to study a Latin, Rosicrucian inscription that had been hidden in the mosaic floor. The inscription read Ut Rosa Flos Florum, sic est Domus Ista Domorum, which we already knew was a clue to revealing the secret location of the sacred house or temple that held the Grail; an inscription that translated to: ‘As The Rose Is The Flower Of Flowers, So Is This The House Of Houses’.

It was time to go home to Yorkshire, to the Rosy House of Gods own county. The Grail was in our reach…

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Yorkshire Grand Départ Jesus Mystery


So why is Yorkshire known as ‘God’s Own County’? And why has it been chosen for the Tour de France Grand Départ 2014?

 Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada: 

The Quest To Regain Paradise:“…mankind’s quest to regain the lost knowledge of the ancients.

Well, even though it is an idea reserved for the top level of a certain secret society, when the infamous William Blake wrote the words for the hymn, Jerusalem, he described the location of an original, secret Jerusalem, which was built in the place we now call Yorkshire. Interestingly, Blake also stated that this was why Jesus in his so-called ‘missing years’ came to Yorkshire to study with its mystical Druids.

 Canon Keith Madeley MBE – Chairman of the Yorkshire Society

“What a read…”

The prophesy surrounding this ancient idea was first documented in the arcane Book of Enoch, which had it that the biblical character Enoch had visited Yorkshire in BC 3500 to observe a temple-gateway; a portal that could be used to complete the ultimate quest of the human race – the quest to regain Paradise.

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