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Richard Hewitt is a teacher from Yorkshire. After gaining the prestigious Fringe First Aware for his part in a devised production at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, he went on to gain his degree from the Department of Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering, at Salford University. He then joined the Logistics Systems Dynamics Group in Cardiff, a world leader in its approach to seamless supply chain management, where he carried out research into re-engineering hospital supply pipelines. He then moved back to Yorkshire, where he gained a post graduate certificate in teaching from the University College of Ripon and York St John. Richards work. The Quest to Regain Paradise is an outcome of two decades of private research into the revelatory story that has been secreted and passed down through the ages in the teachings and rituals of secret organisations, fraternities and syndicates across the globe. After consulting with doctors, professors, film directors, literary agents, bestselling authors, demonic-magicians, high-ranking secret society members and Grand Masters of esoteric orders, he has at last produced what can only be described as the resolution to the mysteries.

2 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. Hello Richard. I messaged you a few months back. Would like to ask you what “where the two artefacts required to complete the quest to regain Paradise would be hidden for the prophetic conclusion in AD 2045.” ? What clues were left in Newfoundland and why is the date 2045 significant ? I would think the 2022 date and the new Rosicrucian star in Cygnus to be much more important.



    • Hi Kevin. I did reply. You will find all the answers in my book, “The Quest To Regain Paradise.” You might also like to visit my Facebook page under the same title. It’s not so simple to explain as the legacy of the treasure goes back 5000 years into the cradle of civilisation.
      All the best, and do get back to me with any more questions.

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