European Council of Princes: Illuminati Conspiracy Theory.

The global influence of what people refer to as ‘secret societies’ is underestimated in modern times. The P2 Grand Orient of Italy who disbanded into the Lodge of the Sons of the Fallen inevitably lost much of their influence in the formation of global constitutions, which was, according to the powers that be, necessary. And certainly, after a rare diplomatic conversation with the Sublime Presidential Attaché to the European Council of Princes, it is quite apparent that the disposition of the European Union is based on the move towards the Grand Prophesy driven by the of the so-called  Ancient Hermetic Rosicrucian Order; the earliest and most powerful strand of the  Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia. My status in the Order of the 39 Steps offers me such privileges.


How the modern movement of the Illuminati and its offshoots of Anonymous fit into the Grand Prophesy theory is a debate that will be held behind closed doors. But has most likely proven that there is much more to the conspiracy with their pre-election annual blog. The results speak for themselves.

I know of no one qualified to even have an opinion on how the Grand Prophesy has affected recent events, but the idea that England, as the candidate for the ‘New Jerusalem’, is undoubtedly a very provocative idea. Whatever your politics, religion, nationality or beliefs, it is a very interesting concept that many powerful groups and individuals believe is relevant to future global formation. Of course, Princess Scotia and Scotland hold the Key. For those initiated, I recommend the 18th Degree Royal Arch of Enoch; it holds many teachings surrounding the prophesy.

If you are interested in the influence of secret societies on recent global events and throughout history, you may wish to follow the Amazon link below. And good luck…