And Now For Something Completely Different: Bible Explains YORKSHIRE Was ‘Original Jerusalem’.

And was Jerusalem really ‘builded’ here… on England’s Green and pleasant land?

Secret J

Of course this sounds very familiar; and when William Blake wrote the words for the great hymn, ‘Jerusalem’, only a select few knew that he was making reference to a strange story in the Bible, which talked about a secret Jerusalem; a place in the ‘North’  that held three mystical portals that would play a pivotal role in the ancient quest concerning the destiny of humanity.

‘And from thence I went towards the North to the

ends of the earth, and there I saw a great and glorious

device. And here I saw three portals of heaven open

in the heavens, where there is cold, hail, frost, snow,

dew, and rain.’ [Book of Enoch]

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What people think of ‘The Quest To Regain Paradise’:

 Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada says: “…mankind’s quest to regain the lost knowledge of the ancients.”

 Canon Keith Madeley MBE – Chairman of the Yorkshire Society says: “What a read…”

 Sam Christer – Author of ‘The Stonehenge Legacy’ says: “Historically surprising, intriguing and fascinatingly engrossing.”


The Quest To Regain Paradise  – A new Book of Revelation

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