Follow The White Rabbit…



One of the most intriguing aspects of The Quest To Regain Paradise is the icon that represents the quest; the White Rabbit. Throughout the ages the White Rabbit has been used to conjure up mystery and intrigue; most notably in Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland and much more recently in the Matrix film. Here, the ONE or NEO is offered the same fate as Alice…’to see just how far the rabbit hole goes’.

Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada says: The Quest To Regain Paradise:

“…mankind’s quest to regain the lost knowledge of the ancients.”

The White Rabbit can be found in cultures across the globe in partnerships with mythical creatures, alongside trees that offer the prize of immortality and in astronomical contexts where he is symbolic of the planet Venus in conjunction with the crescent moon. But what is the real meaning of the White Rabbit and most pertinently, is it possible to follow him to to discover the secret?


Known only to a select few, there is in fact an ancient trail concerning the White Rabbit that can be physically followed by any potential adept in search of the mysteries of the Kingdom. So what is his secret message, and how is it possible to follow him to the source?

Become Part of the Mystery

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