Breaking Stories: Drive For Scottish Independence Based On Ancient Prophesy


Very few understand the full extent of the chronicled prophesy surrounding the Scottish Race and its enigmatic Stone of Destiny; but there is no doubt that the recent return of what many believe is the real Stone of Destiny to Scottish soil, from the English, and the drive for independence, is linked to Scotland’s prophetic destiny. As an author and a descendant of the Scottish Duncan line, this issue has captured my imagination.

The ancient chronicles of Scotia Major (Ireland) and Scotia Minor (Scotland) explain that the Stone of Destiny was the very stone that the patriarch Jacob, from the Bible, used to open a gateway to the celestial realm, to Paradise itself. In the Bible it describes this gateway as a ladder, which is generally referred to as Jacob’s Ladder, which most will have heard of. This is why the Stone of Destiny and Jacob’s ladder are depicted atop the Ark of the Covenant in the in the east side of the Grand Temple at the United Grand Lodge of All England.


As the prophesy goes, it explains that the sacred stone was ultimately taken to Scotland by Princess Scotia of Egypt and descendants of the Tribes of Israel who were kept captive in Egypt at the time. Hence, this is how Scotland gained its name, from Princess Scotia. Of course some of you may want to ponder at this point about the mysterious ancestry of the Scottish race.

Associated with the Stone of Destiny was a prophesy, which was inscribed on a metal plate and placed upon the top face of the Stone. It has since been taken from the stone, but upon the plate the prophesy read:

Unless the fates be faulty grown
And prophet’s voice be vain
Where ever is found this sacred stone
The Scottish race shall reign.

What this basically means is that; now the Stone of Destiny resides in Scotland, it is the Scottish race that will reign over the land – become independent as it were. It will certainly be intriguing to see just where all this goes. But one thing is for sure; the mystery surrounding the Stone of Destiny is just the tip of the iceberg…

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