World Changing Events: Untouchable Syndicate Takes Holy Grail Relics to Fulfil Prophesy



In the year 1794 a strange shaped paper cross, cut from an obscure Scottish newspaper, was deposited in the attic space of Shugborough Hall; the English hall famed for its ownership of a monument containing a clue to the location of the Holy Grail.

The paper cutting held a note referring to the leader of a cult intent on taking possession of the Grail to fulfil a secret Grand Prophesy – The Cult of the Supreme Being – led by one of the best known and influential figures of the French Revolution, Maximilien Robespierre. But more importantly, the cutting was shaped to illustrate just what the Grail was and where it was. This secret in the paper lay dormant for over 200 years; and soon after its calculated discovery and release into the public domain, the Grail was promptly located and stolen.

As explained in ‘The Quest To Regain Paradise’, the Grail was in fact any object that had, according to legend, been fashioned from the paradisiacal Tree of Life; most notably the cup of the last supper and the so-called True Cross. Of course, in the medieval Arthurian Grail romances, the secret nature of the Grail as the Tree of Life is described by Wolfram, in the original Grail story, as follows: “… she bore the pride of Paradise, root and branch beyond all price, the thing men call the Grail”.

Over the last millennium the romantic essence of a ‘cup of everlasting life’ was favoured by story tellers and later film makers, and the True Cross aspect of the legend was seemingly lost to time. Of course, it was not forgotten by both legitimate and clandestine parties with an interest in the Grand Prophesy surrounding the quest to regain Paradise – a prophesy dictating that the chosen adepts would need immortality from the Tree of Life to pass through the gateway to fight for Paradise.


True Cross Relic (Holy Cross)

At 17:00 BST on Tuesday, October 11, 2011, three men employed by a syndicate associated with the arcane quest to regain humankind’s lost, biblical Paradise entered Holy Cross Abbey, in Co. Tipperary, and stole one of its sacred relics, a piece of the True Cross. Unaware of the existence of the syndicate and the importance of the relic to this quest, the BBC and The Irish Times reported that investigating police were simply baffled by the theft.

joined crosses

Soon after realising that they had in fact not taken possession of the true Grail, but a clever decoy placed there by the arcane guardians of the quest, the syndicate had to pursue other avenues, if one of their candidates was to fulfil the Grand Prophesy.

On July 14, 2014, just 80 miles south of Shugborough Hall, another object purported to be crafted from the Tree of Life was stolen, the Nanteos cup, the cup of the last supper. Of course this was in fact another decoy, left by the guardians of the quest.

The location of the true Grail is no mystery. It resides in the temple gateway in York, where it was placed by King Edward I, for a time when the prophesised adepts would be required to use it, to complete the quest to regain Paradise.

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