The Secret of the Rose



So, on our journey to discover the resting place of the Grail, the sacred Tree of Life that was stolen from the Welsh by King Edward I, we had to crack the Shugborough Holy Grail Monument code, which led us to Westminster Abbey and the 17th century Rosicrucian Grand Master, Francis Bacon. All we had to do now was discover the clue left by the Rosicrucian Order as to its final resting place.

Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada says: The Quest To Regain Paradise: “…mankind’s quest to regain the lost knowledge of the ancients.”

We knew from our previous research that to stay true to the prophesy, in 1298, Edward hid the Tree of Life in a secret temple-gateway for the final adepts to rediscover and use to gain immortality in the quest to regain Paradise. So we were looking for a Rosicrucian or Rose Cross clue that would reveal the final resting place of the Grail.

Canon Keith Madeley MBE – Chairman of the Yorkshire Society says: The Quest To Regain Paradise: “What a read…”

After a long visit to the ancient, Harry Potter style library in the heart of Westminster Abbey, we were directed by the seasoned librarian to the Abbey’s mysterious Chapter House to study a Latin, Rosicrucian inscription that had been hidden in the mosaic floor. The inscription read Ut Rosa Flos Florum, sic est Domus Ista Domorum, which we already knew was a clue to revealing the secret location of the sacred house or temple that held the Grail; an inscription that translated to: ‘As The Rose Is The Flower Of Flowers, So Is This The House Of Houses’.

It was time to go home to Yorkshire, to the Rosy House of Gods own county. The Grail was in our reach…

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