Shakespeare Decoded




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When we finally cracked the Shugborough Holy Grail Monument code, as discussed in The Quest To Regain Paradise, it revealed the name of the Rosicrucian Grand Master, Francis Bacon. The code also led us to another monument in Westminster Abbey that was carved by the same artisan; a monument that reputedly held another cypher concerning Francis Bacon, the Westminster Shakespeare Bacon cypher.

…mankind’s quest to regain the lost knowledge of the ancients.

Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

The mystery surrounding Shakespeare and Bacon is complex and extensive, but in short we had been led to Westminster Abbey. The big question was: could we discover a clue that would lead us to the location of the Holy Grail – the Tree of Life here on earth? Moreover, would we discover a clue to the location of the original Jerusalem Blake had secretly described in his works where Jesus had walked in ancient times; the Jerusalem built in England’s green and pleasant land where the temple-gateway to Paradise had been constructed?

More to follow…

Ut Rosa Flos Florum, sic est Domus Ista Domorum




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