Summer Solstice Sensation: The Green Man revealed…



 According to the prophesy surrounding the quest to regain Paradise, it states that the chosen adepts would one day discover the Tree of Life, here, on earth. But how could a tree from Paradise be here on earth?

“Every unbelievable detail and account is somehow stacked with evidence and foundations that leave a definite trail to the biggest question of all.”

Dr. L. David – Amazon Review

Well, in a medieval document called the Golden Legend, we are informed that when Adam (the first man) died, an Archangel gave a seed from the Tree of Life to Seth, his third son. Seth then placed the seed in his father’s mouth, and from this seed both root and branch grew to form the Tree of Life on earth. This secret event can be seen in medieval architecture across the world in the familiar form illustrated above.

Of course, many of you will realise that this is the infamous Green Man, the identity of which has baffled everyone until now… The place where all this occurred was called Golgotha, which means ‘the place of the skull’, Adams skull that is.

“What a read…”

Canon Keith Madeley MBE – Chairman of the Yorkshire Society

The legend goes on to explain that, around BC 1000, the Tree of Life was acquired by King Solomon, which he buried back at Golgotha to ensure the prophesy would be fulfilled. The prophesy being that it would be rediscovered and used to manufacture the cross for the crucifixion of Jesus.

…mankind’s quest to regain the lost knowledge of the ancients.

Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

After the crucifixion, we are informed that the cross made from the Tree of Life was reburied at Golgotha, until it was rediscovered in the 4th century by St. Helena, the British mother of Constantine, the first Christian Roman Emperor, who took it to a secret place in Wales for safe keeping.

The next we hear of the cross is in the Annals of Wales, which states that, around the 6th century, at the Battle of Badon, King Arthur, a descendant of Constantine and St. Helena, was in possession of the True Cross. Of course, we now come full circle to the stories that deal with King Arthur and the Holy Grail – or more correctly King Arthur and the Tree of Life.

Historically surprising, intriguing and fascinatingly engrossing.”

Sam Christer – Author: The Stonehenge Legacy

The next we hear of the cross is in the Chronicle of Lantercost under the year 1282, where it states that Edward I defeated the Welsh and took the cross. Edward kept the so-called Cross of Destiny or Cross Neyth and paraded it through the streets of London in May 1285. Ultimately, to stay true to the prophesy, in 1298 he built it into the temple-gateway for the final adepts to rediscover and use to gain immortality in the quest to regain Paradise.

More to follow…


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