Crossing boundaries and religions…



Historically surprising, intriguing and fascinatingly engrossing.”

Sam Christer – Author: The Stonehenge Legacy

We now know that the so-called Holy Grail and the medieval romances describing it were there to preserve the Grail’s true identity; the immortalising, priceless Tree of Life, which would give the chosen adepts the power to take part in the final battle for the quest to regain Paradise.

“Upon a green silk from Arabia she bore the pride of Paradise, root and branch beyond all price that was a thing men call the Grail.”

We also know that in many of the ancient carvings of the Tree of Life there is also a depiction of the White Rabbit, the icon for the quest, which was preserved by Lewis Carroll in his Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland. He first encountered this mysterious icon in St. Mary’s church in Beverly, as shown in the image above.

…mankind’s quest to regain the lost knowledge of the ancients.

Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

Prior to this, ‘follow the White Rabbit’ became the secret mantra for the mysterious Rosy Cross or Rosicrucian order led by the 17th century Grand Master, Sir Francis Bacon. In 1604 the illusive Basilius Valentinus depicted the Rosy Cross mission to follow the White Rabbit in a secret symbol. Here the Rosicrucian adepts are destined to follow the White Rabbit, since it will undoubtedly disappear down the hole with their secret.


But the big question as potential adepts on the quest to regain paradise, is: ‘How do we follow the White Rabbit?’ Well, that’s exactly what we are doing now!

More to follow…

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