Follow the White Rabbit…


As revealed for the first time ever in the last blog, we discovered that the Holy Grail in the medieval King Arthur stories was a secret term used to describe the true Grail, the immortalising Tree of Life, which appears in legends and religions around the globe.

…mankind’s quest to regain the lost knowledge of the ancients.” Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

Most importantly though, in the arcane prophesy surrounding the quest to regain Paradise, it states that the ones chosen to complete the quest would ultimately discover the temple-portal containing the Tree of Life. Moreover, that they would need its immortalising power to pass through the portal to take part in the final battle to regain Paradise.

“What a read…” Canon Keith Madeley MBE – Chairman of the Yorkshire Society

But in legend and scripture, the Tree of Life was protected by two fearful Griffins at the Gateway to Paradise. So how did it come to be on earth and more importantly, how did it find its way into the prophesised temple-portal here on earth? To find the answers, we need to ‘follow the White Rabbit…’


More to follow…

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