Help Us Locate the Holy Grail…

Help Us Locate the Holy Grail… When we cracked the Shugborough Holy Grail code, as discussed in The Quest To Regain Paradise, it ultimately led us to the Temple Gateway in York, its final resting place. But still its exact location eluded us; we hit a stone wall, literally – until now. A couple of weeks ago I was mailed a strange shaped cutting of a newspaper (circa 1794) from a source at Shugborough, which had been discovered in one of their loft spaces. I will explain its full significance in a later blog when I have collected together the replies from the various organisations who have offered an opinion on its mysterious nature. But what immediately became apparent from initial investigations was that there was a solid connection between the monument at Shuborough that holds the Grail code and another monument situated in Westminster Abbey; the Shakespeare Monument that reputedly holds a secret cypher. A cursory examination of the two monuments reveals a common theme; in each case both contain individuals pointing to specific words from a passage. On its own this may be considered just an interesting coincidence, but when we discovered that both monuments were carved by the same artisan, the Flemish sculptor Peter Scheemakers, we knew we were on to something. So this bank holiday we will be making our way down to the Big Smoke to crack the cypher… Of course those of you who have read the Quest will be well aware of the Stone of Destiny link between Westminster Abbey and the Temple Gateway in York. Maybe we will see you there…



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