Help! Maybe YOU could solve the mystery…

Help! Maybe YOU could solve the mystery…



Latest review for the Quest: Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society Of Canada:

“…mankind’s quest to regain the lost knowledge of the ancients.”

In a bid to craft a sequel to the Quest (working title: The Indigo Children of the Rhubarb Triangle), I seem to be following the White Rabbit down some of the most intriguing rabbit holes around the globe. After consulting with university departments, curators of eminent secret societies and museums across Europe, I began to realise that I still needed help to complete the next mysterious jigsaw that will ultimately reveal the secret history of the world. It came to me this morning as I read an email from one of the guardians of the Order of the Thirty Nine Steps, based in Edinburgh. Why not just offer out each mystery as it unfolds, I thought; put it into cyberspace and let the chips fall where they may. In short, the email was regarding the nature of a shield that the medieval guardians of the quest to regain Paradise believed could be used to open the temple gateway in Ancient Eborakon, modern day York (shown above). By solving this riddle you will be succeeding where all have failed. And don’t hesitate to share the burden; pass it on to anyone you feel might have a clue! Good luck.

2 thoughts on “Help! Maybe YOU could solve the mystery…

  1. Hello Richard,
    I was curious if you were ever able to discern the origin or meaning of this design? I was thinking it is a sigil of some kind. Perhaps from the Ars Goetia.

    • Hi George. Hope you All OK down in Douglasville. No demons here but the meaning may be revealed in my next work which is a long time coming. May even link in with Marty and Rick’s work.
      All the best,

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