And was Jerusalem builded here….

When the infamous William Blake wrote the words for his poem “And did those feet in ancient time” (later used for the great British hymn, Jerusalem), very few were aware that he was making reference to a story known to a very ancient, global, secret society, which explained that Jesus had visited Ancient Britain in search of a truth that could change everything. A truth that is still waiting to out…

The Quest To Regain Paradise  – A new book of Revelation

Secret J


The thrill

As a writer, one of the thrills is undoubtedly gaining accolade – for someone to say they like what you have written. At that moment, it was all worth it! Whether it be from the academic world, in a chance encounter with an American tourist in the centre of town or by email from someone who has been searching for truths that you have been able to provide for them. I feel honoured in each case. And when Sam Christer, author of the international smash hit, The Stonehenge Legacy and recently published Camelot Code, mailed me to say that he found The Quest To Regain Paradise, “Historically surprising, intriguing and fascinatingly engrossing,” I felt I must share it, as it will inspire me to keep searching…