Some 5* Reviews for The Quest To Regain Paradise #tqtrp



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“The most important work in the last five and a half thousand years.”

The Guardians.

“What a read and for anyone like me with a passion for the great county of Yorkshire, this book is a must read. I was very impressed with Richard’s research and the way he has presented the facts. I am already recommending this book to all my friends and connections and look forward to Richard receiving an ever increasing profile as the Media World become interested.”

Keith Madeley MBE (Chairman of the Yorkshire Society).

“I enjoyed this book immensely; it was a timely and thought provoking return to a genre that I haven’t read for a while. Richard leads you on a sometimes testing, but always engaging hunt for the ‘White Rabbit’. He leads you skilfully to the hidden meanings behind language and symbolism that is itself hidden – in plain view. He raises questions about histories, and the provenance of stories and artefacts, all the while making connections that are supported and well-illustrated. If you like to be challenged about some of the things that you think you know, then read this book. I would highly recommend it.”

Richard Gray

“As soon as you finish reading this book, the first thing you will want to do is read it again, just to see if you have missed anything. I’ve read the Dan Brown books and such like, and think I know a bit about mystery, occult and the esoteric, yet no one seems to have found the myriad of truths that are covered in the Quest To Regain Paradise. It is a cut above these, in a different ball park. It has everything to offer, I can’t believe that no one has written about this before, don’t know whether I’m excited or nervous about the implications of what might happen now everything is out in the open. It’s so well backed up that it’s hard not to believe. The greatest secret of mankind uncovered page by page. It’s more than a book; it’s the door to the next chapter of the human race.”

Thomas Garland-Collins.

“This is not a book, but a journey. An adventure full of surprise and intrigue that keeps you following the path. You will not want to put it down; sleep and food become lower priorities; knowing where the quest will lead becomes paramount. And at the end… Paradise!”

Peter Kelly

“An absolutely stunning read. Hewitt leads the reader through a mesmeric journey of discovery that is truly astounding. The most astonishing aspect of this work is that it is backed up with facts that seem to have been overlooked by all previous writers of this genre. The sheer amount of research that has obviously been undertaken by the author is admirable. I am convinced that Mr Hewitt has uncovered the clues which will ultimately lead the reader to the ultimate truth.”


 “The Quest To Regain Paradise is a remarkable book. Richard Hewitt has brought together arcane knowledge and enigmatic symbols from the beginning of civilisation up to the present day to produce a gripping detective story. It begins with him figuratively following the White Rabbit down its hole; from there on things get stranger as his enthusiasm carries the reader along with him on his quest to find the Key of Solomon, which leads to no less than the earthly gateway to heaven. Where it is, and what it is, will astonish you. The ride seems fast, at times baffling, but more than worth it. Whatever you ultimately believe about the threads of evidence he unravels, this is without doubt a unique study in legend and iconography, a worthy addition to our understanding of the ancient mysteries.”

Steve Widdowson

“I approached this book from a historical, factual side with lots of interest but little hope; as the premise of the idea seemed to ask questions too big to answer! It could not have been further from the TRUTH!! Every unbelievable detail and account is somehow stacked with evidence and foundations that leave a definite trail to the biggest question of all. I tried my upmost to find faults or plagiarism in Hewitt’s claims and theories. So much so, that after reading the `Quest’ I took one of my own: I travelled to the relatively unknown locations, within the most unlikely places in Yorkshire. The few places I managed to find certainly do hold the key to regaining paradise. Reading this book and more importantly doing my own research into the background of it, it easy to see why it has taken the author over a decade to piece together the jigsaw and why certain people behind closed doors, did their very best, to stop this from ever reaching the public bookshelf! Congratulations Mr Hewitt on completing what I’m sure Dan Brown has been striving to achieve throughout his career – a mesmerising novel packed full of truths! My only regret is not having written this book myself and that in my old age, I may never see the impact it is going to undoubtedly have on the whole human race!”

Dr L. David